Day In The City

Hello all,

As I promised, I have a blog post prepared. Yesterday I went to the city, and walked around the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) as well as some shops and Chinatown.

Over the past few months, I have noticed a LOT of bloggers taking photos against this pink wall in a rooftop car park in Chinatown, so with the help of a friend (@confetti_and_sprinkles) I managed to find it and take some photos to share.


P.s (I’m pretty awkward in these photos as it was quite windy and cold up on the rooftop and I was FREEZING to death in a thin turtleneck ahah.) 🙂

Hope you’ve had fab holidays and enjoy the last of the sunshine! 

L x

Interview with Freshlypickked

Hey everyone! So today I have a collab post with the absolutely lovely Chessie from freshlypickked! She recently achieved 11,000 followers on Instagram and her blog and photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway, I asked her a few questions about blogging and fashion so here they are. Enjoy! Xx


1. Explain yourself in a few sentences (so readers know a little more about you)

Hi! My name is Chessie and I am a 16 year old blogger. I love fashion, art, photography, music and travelling. I drink too much tea, love reading magazines and I shop way too much! Find out more about me on my blog ‘about’ page

2. How would you describe your personal style?

Tricky question. I would say slightly minimalist so no clashing patterns or colours. If I do wear colours I prefer to stay with pale/pastel colours but I love neutrals such as blacks, creams, whites and greys. I also like to stay on trend but making that trend my own.

3. What is your dream job?

I’m not sure yet but possibly something to do with marketing or design.

4. Describe your blog in one word


5. Do you have a favourite post?

I have two and they are quite recent- my ‘beach hair don’t care’ and rewind posts!

6. What is some advice you would tell your beginner blogger self?

Don’t shoot on an iPhone and post less photos!!

7. Makeup or Skincare?


8. Your everyday essentials?

My fressko flask bottle, glasses, sunnies, phone, something comfy and stylish to wear and my diary.

9. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?


10. Who are your style icons?

Mostly bloggers such as Harper and Harley, Views of Now, Emily Jane, and random pictures on pinterest!

11. What is the best compliment you’ve ever received? (Blogging-wise and fashion-wise)

Probably saying that they loved the photos, writing, location and how it was really inspiring. I also love when people say they just go onto my blog to have a second, third or fifth look at my posts. Fashion wise, probably again inspiring, pretty and stylish. I’m just summing up my comments on my instagram photos 🙂

12. Favourite wardrobe pieces?

My dress from Red Hill House, Country Road turtleneck knit and black jeans, and my tony bianco loafers. (Photos are below)





That’s it everyone, and thank you again to Chessie for taking the time to answer the questions! 🙂

L x